I Am

A Software Developer, Gamer and Maker. I was born and raised in Western Massachusetts. I attended Champlain College in Burlington VT where I graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Game Programming. I have been doing this software development thing now for seven years.

When I'm not at work I can be found working on side projects. Outside of programming I love to enjoy a good beer and catch a game of hockey on the TV. If I'm not watching hockey or tinkering with a side project I'm likely gaming: FPS, Strategy, or even just a casual Puzzler, I enjoy them all.

I am passionate about my craft and put pride into the work I do. I strive to do the best job I can and make sure that what I deliver is of high quality. This is why I feel I can pick up new technologies quickly and "ship it" quick.


  • I studied abroad in Montreal, Quebec.
  • I will read a lot of useless articles and retain knowledge about things most shoudln't.
  • I've never broken a bone.
  • I used to wear shorts and walk to class...in the middle of winter....in Vermont.
  • I can grow a great beard (if I do say so my self) but I can't grow hair on the top of my head.
  • I've tried learning French but I would say it has been a failure. Je suis un annanas.
  • I will travel Europe someday.
  • I live off caffeine.


  • C# - 85%
  • Javascript - 75%
  • CSS - 80%
  • SQL - 75%
  • Beer drinking - 100%